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Mike Posner
(26 Feb)

Is well-known for his two magical songs: the unforgettable "Buried in Detroit" and "I Took a Pill in Ibiza."
最令人難忘的兩首歌“Buried in Detroit” 和 “I Took a Pill in Ibiza”。

In 2010, his  label turned “Cooler Than Me” into a major worldwide hit and Mike’s major debut album 31 Minutes To Takeoff connected also, but then Mike seemed to consciously disappear as an artist.

He was still writing great songs. He had a string of hits that others performed including Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”, Emeli Sandé’s “Beneath Your Beautiful”, and Maroon 5’s “Sugar”. Last year at an event of Nick Jonas, Mike unexpectedly jumped on the piano and spontaneously performed two magical songs: the unforgettable “Buried in Detroit” and “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.” It was as if by some mystical energy, everyone ended up singing softly with Mike the refrain of “Ibiza”… “All I know is sad songs, sad songs.”

Sometimes when Mike performs acoustically like this, the world stops. He is naked emotionally to the world, revealing himself with soul, humility, and an exceptional emotional resonance. The real Mike, the passionately committed songwriter and sometimes autobiographer, has crafted an exceptional album which will stand out to music lovers as an outstanding body of work, with perfect lyrics, haunting melodies, the embodiment of his simple truth and his unique voice.

He has come a long way from the hip hop student turned rock star and presents now more closely to a legend like early Elton John and greats such as Neil Young.

在2010年,Mike Posner 發佈了單曲“Cooler than Me”,並且成為全球熱門歌曲,而Mike的主要首張專輯“31 Minutes To Takeoff”也隨之而出現,但隨後他似乎有意地消失在人前/幕前。

但他仍為其他歌手創作了多首熱門的歌曲,包括Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend”、Emeli Sandé’s “Beneath Your Beautiful” 及Maroon 5 的“Sugar”。

去年在Nick Jonas的活動中,Mike突然跳上鋼琴,並不由自主地演奏了兩首迷人的歌曲:令人難忘的“Buried in Detroit” 和 “I Took a Pill in Ibiza”。這些歌曲彷彿有著一些神秘的能量,觀眾最後還與Mike輕輕地合唱著“Ibiza”… “All I know is sad songs, sad songs.”

有時候,當Mike這樣表演時,仿佛世界會停止了一樣。 他的情感毫無掩飾地用靈魂向世界表達,以謙遜和特殊的情感去表露自己。 而真正的Mike,是一位熱情及堅定的作曲家,同時亦以專輯成為自己的自傳,他精心設計一個特別的專輯,以完美的歌詞及令人難忘的旋律,充分表現出熱愛音樂工作,便化身為他的真理和獨特的聲音。

他走了很遠的路,從hip hop學生變成搖滾明星,現在的他就好像一位傳奇人物,尤如早期的Elton John 和Neil Young。

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