General Information

  • Is There An Age/Height Requirement To Participate?
    12 years old or above and 140cm or taller.


  • What are the opening & closing times of Dragonland?

黎明Leon’s Penguins in Live 2017
Admission at 4 pm; Show starts at 8:00 pm; Ends at 10:30pm

Dragonland Music Festival – One Night Dance
Admission at 2 pm; Show starts at 2 pm; Ends at 10:30pm

Dragonland Music Festival – One Night Pop
Admission at 2 pm; Show starts at 2 pm; Ends at 10:30pm


  • Where is Dragonland Music Festival held?
    At Central Harbourfront Event Space, Hong Kong.


  • How to get to the venue?
    There will be no parking at the venue. You may take public transports there

Take taxi to Central Pier.

Take the Star Ferry to Central. Approximately 1 minute walking distance.

To Central Station (Exit A) or Hong Kong Station (Exit A2). Approximately 10 minutes walking distance.
Or to Admiralty Station (Exit A). Approximately 15 minutes walking distance.

For more information, please see map on Getting There page.


  • Who are performing at Dragonland?
    For full lineup and artists’ performing time, please see Performers page.


  • How can I buy tickets?
    All ticket will be sold through online ticketing platform, HotdogTIX (our official ticketing partner). Get your tickets at www.hotdogtix.com.


  • Will there be ticket at the gate?
    If the show has not sold out, tickets will be available for sale at box office (for exact location, please see venue map).
    Save time by getting them online prior to the show!


  • Are 3 day passes available for sale?
    Unfortunately, 3 day passes are not available for Dragonland, you need to buy tickets for each day separately. For more details, please visit www.hotdogtix.com.


  • Can I cancel/change my already ordered ticket?
    No, it’s not possible to cancel or change your ticket.


  • How many tickets can I buy?
    Maximum of 20 tickets per order. We do not allow bulk ticket purchases to prevent illegal sales.


  • The information on my ticket is wrong, how do I fix this?
    You may log in to your HotdogTIX account to make changes. Please contact HotdogTIX for further assistance.


  • Will I receive my tickets immediately?
    When you buy your tickets online, HotdogTIX will send you a purchase confirmation email after your order is processed. You will received e-ticket via e-mail 1 month before festival.


  • What confirmation will I get when I order tickets?
    On HotdogTIX website, a summary and confirmation of your purchase will be shown on the screen.
    You will then receive an order confirmation email. Click the link in the email to personalize your ticket(s).
    Please note you will only receive your e-ticket(s) or download from HotdogTIX after personalization. Personalization of tickets is mandatory.


  • Can I share my festival pass?
    No. Purchaser of the tickets shall NOT re-sell, transfer, auction off the tickets.
    One-apiece ticket cannot be shared by multiple persons.
    If such acts are discovered, the persons concerned will be forcibly ejected from the event.


  • If I can’t go to the event, can I get a refund?
    No refund or exchange is allowed once the transaction is confirmed, unless the event is cancelled or postponed.



  • Can I re-enter the festival?
    Tickets will be fastened to wristbands upon entrance. Re-admission is allowed when you with your wristband.


  • If I lost my wristband, can I re-enter the festival?
    Admission to the event will be rejected if the wristband is damaged, defaced or lost.
    Lost or broken wristbands will not be re-issued. Please take care of your own wristband.


  • What are the acceptable forms of identification for Dragonland Music Festival for entry?

Acceptable Forms of Identification
Valid Hong Kong Identity Card
Valid HKSAR Passport
Valid foreign government-issued passport (must have photo and date of birth)

Unacceptable Forms of Identification
Student cards
Expired identifications of any kind
Birth Certificates
Photocopies of any identifications

If you have further questions regarding to proof of identification, please contact us at info@dragonlandmusicfestival.com.



  • Will my bags be searched at the festival?
    Yes. Our security team will conduct bag search at the main entrance.


  • Can I bring my own food and drinks to the festival?
    No, you cannot bring your own food and drinks. There are lots of options for food and beverages inside the venue.


  • Is alcohol allowed at Dragonland?
    Yes. There will be alcoholic drinks at the Beverage booths.


  • Are there toilets on site?
    Yes, there will be toilets inside venue. Please see venue map.


  • Are there ATMs at the venue?
    No. The closest ATMs can be found at International Financial Centre (IFC Mall). Please bring sufficient cash for on-site purchases. On-site food and beverage, and merchandise booths accept VISA, Master credit cards and cash payment.


  • Are there any lockers for bag storage?
    No. There are no lockers available at Dragonland. Avoid bringing large and bulky bags. You are responsible for all your personal belongings.


  • Is mobile charging station available?
    No. There won’t be mobile charging station at the venue. Please bring your own portable chargers.


  • Will there be First Aid?
    Yes. For exact location, please see venue map.


  • Can I smoke at Dragonland?
    There will be designated smoking areas. Smoking outside of those areas is prohibited.
    For more details, please see Venue Map.


  • Do I need to use earplugs?
    To prevent hearing loss, it is highly recommended! Please bring your own earplugs to protect your ears.
    Organizer shall not be responsible or liable for any hearing damage or loss.


  • What should I do with my tickets if a black rainstorm warning or a typhoon signal no. 8 or above is hoisted on event day?
    For concert’s most updated news please visit  Bad Weather Arrangements page, or follow Dragonland official Facebook page and official website or radio.


  • What should I do if I lost something?
    Please visit our Information Desk (see venue map) during festival hours for further assistance.