The passion for Pop Music has been strong since its inception. With millions of fans all over the world, Pop Music Culture has been a driving force in the music industry for decades, and has been mature in Hong Kong for many years. But in Hong Kong, it is still very rare to have four full performances outdoors, especially featuring some of the biggest international pop stars.


At the same time, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) continues to evolve as a mainstream trend and its influence only grows stronger. EDM festivals are wildly popular – giving people a chance to catch up with old friends, meet new people and celebrate great music together. They’re especially big in Europe and America, where people are highly educated in dance music culture, and Asian countries are the new target markets of many well-developed EDM festivals. Most recently, Japan, Korea and Singapore have hosted EDM festivals – a sign that EDM is trending across Asia.


Dragonland Music Festival (Dragonland) will be the first outdoor concert in Hong Kong to combine both music genres – EDM and Pop – plus a full concert by Leon Lai, a Hong Kong favourite.


Dragonland is bringing the Electronic Dance and Pop Music culture to Hong Kong in a unique, 3-day festival, and in the process, creating a unique image for Hong Kong to differentiate itself from other music festivals across the world.


Dragonland begins with a story based on the 4 Essential Elements – Fire, Water, Air and Earth – which represent 4 Tribes. The concept of tribes symbolizes people from different countries and cultural backgrounds, and these 4 tribes unite everyone at the festival. That’s the ultimate aim of Dragonland: to unite people through music surrounded by the beauty of Victoria and the skyscrapers of Hong Kong.