When tropical cyclone signal no.8 (or above) or the black rainstorm signal is issued or in force at or after 4pm, the concert & related outdoor activities will be suspended.


If tropical cyclone warning signal no. 8 (or above) or black rainstorm signal is lowered to no. 3 or red before 4pm, the concert will be resuming to normal.

If tropical cyclone warning signal no. 8 or pre-signal no.8 special announcement is issued during the show, the concert will be immediately suspended.

If black rainstorm signal is issued after the concert has commenced, it may continue if conditions are safe. All audiences are advised to stay in a safe place until the weather conditions have improved.  All other concert related outdoor activities would be suspended.


The above measurements are for general guidelines only. Depending on the weather condition, the organizer would not follow the above guidelines if necessary.

The organizer reserves the right to make the final decision on all matters relating to the concert.