Iggy Azalea
(26 Feb)

Earned public recognition after releasing YouTube music videos for her songs "Pu$$y" and "Two Times".
"Pu$$y"及"Two Times" 在YouTube發佈後得到大眾的認可。

Iggy Azalea would be the first to admit that she’s something of an outsider in the world of rap. As a white girl from rural Australia, raised in the small New South Wales town of Mullumbimby (population: 3,000), how could she not be? It’s appropriate that she’s risen to the status of one of the most promising new MCs in an era when hip-hop has never been more open to artists from a diversity of backgrounds. It also demonstrates that Iggy isn’t just an outsider, though. Iggy has had cosigns not only from King of the South T.I. but rap royalty from Dr. Dre to Snoop Dogg; in 2012, she became the first ever woman to be named to XXL’s Freshman list. Iggy Azalea has succeeded in gaining the respect of the inner circle as well. It’s remarkable to think that, just six years ago, a 16-year-old Iggy touched down in Miami airport, ostensibly for a fortnight’s holiday, but with the intention of escaping Australia for good. She knew just one person in the entire USA. But in a sense, Iggy’s background is perfect for hip-hop. The drive and the hustle illustrated by that flight to the other side of the world; the toughness and poverty of life in the Australian countryside.Iggy has stories that have never been told in hip-hop before – and she’s planning to open up about them on her debut album proper, which she’s writing while currently holed up in – of all places – the Welsh countryside. Her musical journey to get to this point has been one of trial and error played out in public: the mixtape which first garnered her mainstream attention, Ignorant Art, was the kind of impressive, raw statement one expects from an unknown with no pressure on her. Since then, collaborations with everyone from Southern rappers to EDM artists have followed as Iggy tried to nail down her sound; the ridiculously catchy single, “Murda Bizness”, demonstrated a growing knack for songcraft – as well as a brilliant Toddlers & Tiaras-themed video, cheekily comparing the cut-throat competition of the rap game to child beauty pageants.
Iggy Azalea成長於澳洲新南威爾士州一個大約有3000人口的小鎮名為Mullumbimby。她本來的生活與說唱、嘻哈沾不上任何關係。隨著時代的轉變,嘻哈漸漸開放予來自不同背景國家的音樂人,Iggy打破傳統印象,成為其中一位最俱前途的白人女性MC。2012年,她成為首位登上《XXL》年度十大新秀特刊封面的女性非美裔饒舌歌手,實力獲得認同。難以想像6年前一個打算離開家鄉16歲的小女生有如此成就。她的成長背景 ─ 澳洲的艱苦農村生活將她與嘻哈音樂完美結合,並計劃將自己的故事編制成一張專輯,這是嘻哈界中前所未有的。她的音樂旅程就是從錯誤及嘗試中開始,無視固有的藝術規則,完全沒有壓力的情況下,用最原始的素材製作出第一張單曲,馬上吸引了主流的目光。在此之後,她有更多的機會與其他音樂人合作,由南方的饒舌歌手到EDM的藝術家都想跟她合作。 單曲 “Murda Bizness” 正正完美地展示了她在歌唱技巧的成長。


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