Black Eyed Peas
(26 Feb)

Have become one of the best selling, most popular and most innovative groups for over a decade.

In an era of an ever-changing music industry that’s defined by diminishing expectation, where a “successful” career means having one, maybe two hit records; The Black Eyed Peas are a glorious exception. They have become one of the best-selling, most popular and most innovative groups for over a decade. They have transformed themselves from a beloved backpack rap troop from the West Coast Underground into fully-fledged, massive global superstars whose music can be heard in any country around the world. They’ve done this the right way: creating albums that are more innovative than the last; which has translated into each new album being more popular than the last. And in following this pattern, The Black Eyed Peas – will.i.am, Fergie, Taboo and apl.de.ap – are releasing their sixth full-length album, The Beginning.

The Beginning follows on the heels of 2009’s The E.N.D., BEP’s most popular and most creative album to date – and the album that reaffirmed their singular status as global music icons. The E.N.D sold more than 11 million copies worldwide; it entered the Billboard Top 200 Chart at #1 outperforming their previous cd, Monkey Business– an unheard of feat in this day and age. It yielded 5 Top 10 singles (the first album to do so in 20 years), spent an entire year in the Billboard Top 200 Chart, and earned the group 3 new Grammy Awards, for a total of six Grammy Awards they’ve won. In all, they’ve sold 29 million records worldwide (plus over 30-million digital tracks). They’ve sold over 3-million tickets and headlined over 300 different tour dates in 29 different countries. Simply put, there doesn’t exist another contemporary artist or group who can come close to their sustained success.

It’s how The Black Eyed Peas have achieved that success that is the most rewarding part of their story: through constant innovation. The Peas never follow contemporary trends in music, but rather create their own – soundtracking everyday emotions with new musical styles. They seem to always be one-step ahead of everyone else, but still remain effortlessly accessible to anyone who likes to nod their head. The E.N.D., was a perfect example of that. Invigorated by the energy of the underground club scene, the Peas found a way to mix hip-hop with the rhythms and beats of house, electro and techno music – and turn it into pop music. It’s a sound no one had created before, and quick scan of the dozens of R&B and pop singles on the radio today will reveal just how much of an impact the Peas made on pop music.

Now, however, comes The Beginning to up the ante. The Beginning does not signal a new start for the group, will not provoke talk of a rebirth. In fact, musically, The Beginning taps very much into the dance-club energy perfected on The E.N.D., albeit with a more sophisticated pop and electronic music palette. The Beginning, rather, is a reference to the world at large, right here at this very moment in time – new methods of communicating, new methods of broadcasting are connecting the world in ways never before imaginable. It’s created an exciting time – for making music, for creating – and it’s invigorated the group.

在音樂產業不斷衰退的情況下,能夠創作出1-2首大熱歌曲已是非常“成功”,但The Black Eyed Peas卻是例外,十多年來一直是最暢銷、最具創作力及最受歡迎樂隊之一。他們從美國西岸的地下說唱樂隊蛻變成國際知名巨星,世界各地都可以聽到他們的音樂。他們堅持信念,力求創新,希望每一張新專輯都比以往的更出色,因此每一次新專輯都更受大眾喜愛。隨著這種堅持,The Black Eyed Peas (will.i.am, Fergie, Taboo and apl.de.ap)第6張全新專輯 “The Beginning”現正發售。

2009年,專輯“The E.N.D”更將他們推向世界的高峰,奠定樂壇地位。專輯全球熱賣超過 1100 萬份,並居高Billboard Top200榜首位置。他們已到全球 20多國進行演出,售出300多萬張門票,並6 次奪得格林美獎,成為全球樂迷指標之一。至今未有其他樂隊組合可以超越他們的佳績。

The Black Eyed Peas可以取得如此佳績因為他們堅持創新,於創作不同類型的音樂,不盲從潮流音樂趨勢。這使到他們的音樂經常領先別人一步,專輯“The E.N.D”便是最好的證明,他們從地下俱樂部音樂得到啟發,將嘻哈、電子音樂和不同節拍及旋律融合一起,創造出一種全新的流行音樂,是前無古人的創作。今天大家所收聽的電台、電視音樂都不難發現The Black Eyed Peas對現代流行音樂有極大的影響。

然而,全新專輯 “The Beginning”對The Black Eyed Peas是一場賭注,有別於前一張專輯“The E.N.D”舞蹈俱樂部曲風,這次更精密地混合流行及電子音樂,希望透過專輯帶出一種前所未有及超越想像的音樂交流。

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